Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Regional Representative Changes on AFWA's Executive Committee

The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies announces two changes in Ex Officio voting members on our 2014-2015 Executive Committee as a result of the recent Midwest and Northeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies regional meetings. 

Ed Boggess, Director of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Fish and Wildlife Resources, is now serving as the Midwest Ex Officio voting member on the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies’ Executive Committee. Cathy Sparks, Assistant Director for Natural Resources of the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, is now representing the Northeast state fish and wildlife agencies.

The Executive Committee determines all matters not especially provided for in AFWA’s Constitution and Bylaws until specially passed upon at a regular meeting; it employs and assigns duties to the Executive Director and subordinate employees; and it approves the annual budget. AFWA’s Officers and Executive Committee will meet in Washington, DC in mid-December.