Tuesday, March 22, 2011

AFWA Names New Vice Chair and Adds Three Members to its Executive Committee

The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies’ Executive Committee named Dan Forster, Director of the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division, as the new Vice Chair of its Executive Committee. Forster’s appointment is one of several Executive Committee actions that took place last week at the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. Forster previously served as an Executive Committee member.

Upon the recommendations of AFWA’s Nominating Committee, the Executive Committee named Carter Smith, Executive Director of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and Nick Wiley, Executive Director of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee, as voting members. The Executive Committee also re-elected Ken Mayer, Acting Director of the Nevada Department of Wildlife, to the committee.

AFWA Officers & Executive Committee

President: Curtis Taylor, WV DNR
Vice President: Jon Gassett, KY DFWR
Secretary/Treasurer: Dave Chanda, NJ DFW
Past President: John Frampton, SC DNR

Chair: Jeff Vonk, SD GFPD
Vice Chair: Dan Forster, GA WRD

Wayne MacCallum, MA DFW
Ken Mayer, NV DOW
Paul Peditto, MD DNR
Carter Smith, TX PWD
Larry Voyles, AZ GFD
Nick Wiley, FL FWCC

Canada: Mike Sullivan, NB DNRE
Midwest: Patricia Boddy, IA DNR
Northeast: Glenn Normandeau, NH GFD
Southeast: Bob Duncan, VA DGIF
Western: Joe Maurier, MT DFWP