Monday, January 28, 2019

Urban Wildlife Workshop

Extreme weather events: How to protect native fish and wildlife in a changing urban environment

The world is increasingly becoming urbanized. In the United States alone, over 80% of the population now resides in urban areas. At the same time, our climate is rapidly changing and causing novel issues for fish and wildlife, as well as for people, their communities, and their jobs. Extreme events like hurricanes and drought, wildfire, and nuisance flooding, among others, are affecting these systems in new and record-breaking ways. Increasingly, the public will be looking to their natural resource agencies for ways to prepare for, endure, and restore after these events. In this half-day workshop, we will explore these critical issues and the solutions to them. Hear stories from leaders in the field, engage new partners, and learn the creative approaches to adapt effectively in a changing world.

Join us Tuesday, March 5th 8am-12pm at the 84th North American Wildlife & Natural Resources Conference in Denver, Colorado. This workshop is sponsored by the USDA Forest Service, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, National Wildlife Federation, and the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. For more information, email Maggie Ernest Johnson, Adaptation Program Manager, AFWA.