Friday, March 27, 2009

The Association Honors Congressman John Dingell for Lifelong Dedication to Conservation

On March 18, the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies presented Congressman John Dingell (MI), Chairman Emeritus of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, with a Special Recognition of his commitment to fish and wildlife conservation and the state agencies. There is hardly a single piece of conservation and environmental legislation in the last 60 years that doesn't reflect Chairman Dingell's hand.

The award inscription reads, "To Chairman John Dingell, with our deepest respect and most heartfelt appreciation for your lifelong dedication to fish and wildlife conservation and support of the state fish and wildlife agencies."

Always the humble and gracious statesman, in thanking the Association for the recognition, Chairman Dingell paid tribute to the work of the state agencies and pledged to continue to help states in meeting fish and wildlife conservation objectives.

Photo (L-R): Rex Amack (NE), Gary Taylor (AFWA), Rep. John Dingell, Becky Humphries (MI), James Ziebarth (NE) and John Frampton (SC)