Saturday, January 31, 2009

Introducing the Association HQ

The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies released its first issue of the Association HQ (Highlights Quarterly), which replaces the previous "Staff Report." Now distributed via email and the web, the HQ features work accomplishments from the previous quarter. It is also structured to better align with the Association's strategic plan that was adopted at the annual meeting in September.

The change in reporting is part of the Association's overall effort to communicate more efficiently and effectively with agency heads who have limited time to digest a lot of information.

"The change in title is more than just semantics. Truly the old moniker of staff report did not accurately reflect what the report captured. It was not simply a report from the staff, but rather a summary of all of the work of the Association," said Matt Hogan, Executive Director, Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.

"The work of the Association is a partnership between the many men and women from fish and wildlife agencies who give of their time, talent and expertise coupled with the day to day continuity provided by staff. This team effort has been the hallmark of the successes of the Association for so many years and will be the continued recipe that makes us successful in the future."

The first issue of the HQ features activities of the Association from October, November and December 2008.

Read Association HQ-4Q