Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Go Fishington

Today, the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) announced an exciting new online community that complements the national Take Me Fishing™ campaign and connects boaters and anglers like never before. It’s Fishington – The Fishing & Boating Capital of the Internet.

Fishington is similar to your favorite social networking platforms on MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, but specifically tailored for boating and fishing enthusiasts. Being part of this community allows members to:

• Create a profile
• Find and add friends
• Create and join groups
• Create and post comments on message boards
• Add and organize photos and videos
• Save favorite hotspots from Fishington's interactive map tool
• Control privacy settings

Agencies, organizations and businesses maintaining a profile have the ability to:
• Connect with other local businesses, clubs and individuals
• Map their location and related bodies of water
• Gather feedback, photos and videos
• Build fans of their facility
• Understand and recruit new members or customers
• Generate increased traffic to their Web sites
• Spark interest in their programs and products
• Invite discussion about their programs or products

Fishington is directly linked to all of the great content that’s on TakeMeFishing.org, including the 12,000 places to boat and fish. Businesses and facilities that currently exist in the TakeMeFishing.org database will already have a profile on Fishington. Stakeholders can request ownership of these profiles if they’re interested in moderating the content. RBFF will review all requests and grant permission to the appropriate contacts.

Fishington can be found in the “Community” section on TakeMeFishing.org or at Fishington.com. Anyone who is 18 years or older can join. RBFF encourages everyone to help spread the word by including information in their newsletters and on their web sites. Web banners are currently in development and will be announced in the next few weeks when they’re available. The very latest news and information about Fishington can be found on RBFF.org.

Create a profile today. Add friends. Add your business or organization and help populate Fishington with boating and fishing information for everyone. Please e-mail webmaster@takemefishing.org with thoughts or comments. RBFF's goal is to grow the boating and fishing community and you can play a huge part by participating.